Life x Attitude x Me

by yeapyi


×  Life  ×

Each day passes with little subjects. Nothing, almost nothing going on at all. Looking forward to school, imaginations wash over me; Having fun in school, making cool friends, creating amazing art, visiting breathtaking museums.

×  Attitude  ×

Heading over this weekend to our neighbouring country, Malaysia, for a visit to my cousin’s. I want to see her and only her because to be very honest about it, I don’t really feel like socialising with anybody else. Friends, that is. Sometimes even my relatives. I feel that it is such a bother. It’s not anybody’s fault and I should be entirely blamed for feeling this way, but I just can’t talk positively to everyone for now. Or maybe for as long as god-knows-when.

×  Me  ×

I’m at sort of a ‘looking forward to school’ combined with ‘I give up in life’ kind of mindset.

Confused by my own thoughts I have no idea where to start. Or should I say how to start; cleaning up my body and mind. I figured I should start with my body. Let’s eat healthy, exercise, sleep and wake up early. I suppose I’m almost there, considering I sleep early 3am in the morning.

 +  Health tips  +

Alright. Serious talk. I tried using a small bowl to eat, so that I’ll take in lesser food. I too try to take in as little rice as possible. You still have to eat, but never miss out all different kinds of food. Never try to lose weight in fast and harmful methods such as:

1. Eating vegetable soup ALL DAY. (Once a week is fine for detox, though)

2. Avoiding food with high carbohydrates and calories such as rice, potato, etc.

3. Eat very little a.k.a starving yourself.

If you do any of the above, it will only slim you down short term. Afterwards when you start to regain your usual diet, POOF, your body will absorb all of the nutrients and store fats much more efficiently due to the fact that it was not able to gain enough from a period before. So your results will most likely to end up backfired.

Hope that helps.

And I always remember to massage my neck area to maintain my neck. I realised that it is really important to be keen in keeping up with the condition of our necks as much as we do of our face. If your neck appears sagged and old, it makes you look older (obviously). But it is what most people tend to overlook.

So I was watching this programme showing a woman in her 50’s with skin (tested) of a 25 year-old and neck appearing like a teen’s. She shared her method of maintaining her neck. And I’m going to share it to you right now yay

Read below ☟

 Health tips-neck


Alright, guys, this is a very simple and rushed sketch so… Please don’t blame me, I hope you understand it. Feel free to save/share it as long as you have my credits there!

See, if may seem like a token of an easy job, but it helps! I do it every time after I wash my face. Be sure to do it a couple of sets, maybe a two or three. Repeat the step alone at least 5 times before moving on to the next.

I forgot some of her tips on the face, however, I do recall a few. Like using a warm towel to open up your pores before applying moisturiser, and use toner as your last step, not right after washing your face. She also mentioned about using Silkworm Cocoon Facial Cleanser balls, whereby it is 100% natural and organic. Refer to picture below☟



The picture above does not belong to me, I merely took in down from google as reference.

The lady said this is pretty useful in getting down and into the pores of your skin, and it is able to remove blackheads and clear congested pores as it is very fine. I have never used it before, though.


Oh my since when my blog became a website for facial tips, I was supposed to make this novel-like! Oh, whatever, I’ll do what I like.




♡Thank you for reading♡