Doom Dada; Long time no see, Long time no see.

by yeapyi

Long time no see.

Has been a few centuries since I updated LOL.


One week plus after the interview, I received an email; ‘Thank you for attending the interview. We are pleased to inform you that your application as Part Time Bird Keeper was accepted.’

Hoorah! A part-time job that I have always wished for. As happy as I can be, I arrived on my first day of work on the 3rd of March, never expecting myself to do something I did not expect I was expected to do.

I was stationed to BRC. Also known as the Breeding and Research Centre. Almost all of the baby birds and eggs are sent here. We have mostly parrots consisting of Cockatoos, Lorries and Macaws. Being one of the busiest sections (I heard), we only had two full-timers and one part-timer which is myself, making the job even more hectic. As rushed as we could be in the morning, we have nothing left to do when it reaches 3.30pm. All jobs are done by then.

I may describe the job to be tiring, however, I can not hand-feed the babies. Hence my job scope is not as bad. My colleagues though, have to hand-feed all the babies twice a day, or perhaps thrice at times. Other than this they still have much stuff to do.

Working there is fun. I’m working, however, never really felt that I’m working. And the awesome thing is my dad is able to drive me to and from work hehe. We’d have breakfast together in the morning, and drop me off after sending my brother to school.

-End Of Flashback-

I have work tomorrow, can’t wait to see our baby Sunda Scops Owl ♡

Oh yea, I have yet to talk about Museum Day.

Last Wednesday on the 19th.

“Oh how fast you’re gobbling down your breakfast, my dear.”

I said to my 8 year-old cousin. Ruo En eats so slowly you can barely avoid finishing your food before her. Well, the porridge was hot, so I can’t blame her for it. She tried to catch up, haha.

9:15 a.m

“We’re heading to Outram Park first, before we change twice to reach Bras Basah. What shall we do now?”

“I need to delete some photos in my phone.”, replied En, fishing out her old LG cell I gave her last year.

She started to show me the pictures she took with her phone, explaining why, how, when and where she took them.

Cute, isn’t she?

By the time we reached our destination, it was already half-past 10. We walked to our first stop, the Singapore Arts Museum. Fortunately it was right smacked in front of the exit!

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Unedited; my face.. OTL

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(Sorry guys, to-day’s already April’s Fool, haven’t been able to update on time T.T)

We then proceeded to the different galleries at SAM.

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The first picture at the top is a strip of paper with the words ‘The man who saw the picture‘ written by my cousin. The gallery itself consists of art pieces titled: Untitled. It is an interactive gallery whereby the visitors are given the chance to leave their idea and thoughts about the art piece behind to share with others reading it at the back- through the title.

As for myself my favourite artwork was the third one shown above, gave it the title of ‘Red China’  even though the other titles were more towards the idea of a maze. I love the colours and how the artwork gave off the tessellation concept.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

^ The one my cousin titled for;;

Alright then, so, afterwards we ventured towards Clarke Quay to visit the Arts House before heading to the Asian Civilisation Museum. The Arts House did not have much since it was preparing for its anniversary, so we dined in Earshot Cafe and went treasure-seeking in the The Shop. The Shop stuff are quite expensive so.. Sorry I’m broke :/

Maybe there’d  be a Museum Trip Part 2. So busy lately I did not time of anything, really. Sad 😦 Hope I could update my blog regularly as well. And, I need clothes.

Can I just get sponsored without being famous

I doubt so 


Curse you society HAHA

♡Thank you for reading♡