Another Day At Home

by yeapyi


My eyes fluttered open, lungs gasping for air. It is not comfortable having a heavy cold driving you mad-awake early in the morning. Gave my superior a call, informing I would not be able to make it to work to-day. Popped in a couple of meds and flung my body back on bed. To-day was more or less like this. Good thing mum cooked up some delicious porridge, really.

It’s 10:04pm now. 

Just done bathing and for once in a very long time I was allowed to wear my exceedingly cozy pullover I bought over at KL. You would not believe how comfortable my top is, I swear.



P.S. I’m wearing pants LOL


This post was delayed for half an hour thanks to my dad who would not stop laughing at those videos of where people scare one another. And the point is, he wants my mum and I to watch it too. Thanks dad, thanks. Haha.

Anyway, mum was blowing my hair for me as well so, it took more than 30 mins overall. Well, who cares, I love it when my mum does that! It makes me feel warm and her fingers running through my hair gives the feeling of secureness from her. So, whatever! My messy mane is dry and comfy now, hehe.

I have a day off from work to-morrow, so I’m accompanying mum and dad to the NSC (National Skin Centre)! Well, the reason why we’re heading there is because my dad caught up this skin disease called psoriasis when he was my age. You could say it is a much more severe type of eczema, where the skin is overly sensitive and vulnerable compared to the latter. The doctors say it has not been discovered of the roots of its causes, neither has its cure. The only thing we could do is to reduce its growth and outspread throughout the body. Psoriasis is, however, not genetically inheritable. So it’s quite ironic in a way that it is a relief my brother and I didn’t inherit the disease. Hope it will go away soon though. The pain and frustration is unbearable. Not everyone is able to live like this for so many years; for the rest of his life.

Get well soon, dad ♡


Alright, *snap snap* back to now.

My best friend and I are chatting away on Whatsapp, about how we should use proper english in our conversations. Didn’t last for long though, haha! But that’s not the point. She sent me a picture of this beautiful young lady with the most perfect features, hair and aura. My friend here is somewhat obsessed with her right now, lol. So here she is:



Is she not perfect?! 

She is up close, but not so overall. Sandra found an overall picture of her and she does not look as good 😦 This proves the point that no one is perfect haha. So let us all not be too degraded by ourselves even if we do not look as great as others. Who knows, maybe their personality is not as good as ours! Haha! 


Okay, my tummy’s calling. Will have to munch on some food. See you, will update again!


♡ Thank you for reading ♡