by yeapyi




Messed I am.

Messed up but I don’t care.



My daily routine might only be opening my eyes in the morning, telling myself I would allow only 5 more minutes in bed. Before I shower, head out, and plug in my ear-phones to shut off the silence bouncing off the walls of the train. Before I step into the place where I would call my workplace. 


I am Yeap Yi. An 18 year-old girl-next-door currently waiting for my O’level results to determine which course I would enter, or should I say I could. Stuck within a 3-month contract job in the cause of my recklessness, life hasn’t been well. Fatigue overcomes as I leave 10am in the morn for an hour’s trip to Raffles Place and back home just 60 minutes before the clock strikes twelve. 


But it is nothing. Why, you ask? Because I have art.



I can return home restless, however, doodling keeps my mind alive. The moment I gave the tip of my writing implement a press, the point where ink flows gives my brain a nudge of an idea. And that’s where everything starts. I do not think before I draw, I usually start drawing before I think. Funny, huh? I know, but, it’s just me.


That’s how I begin my little adventure within the chambers of my brain, literally I could feel it. I feel myself thinking, walking along the paths of ideas that made up the labyrinth in my head. I see the drawings, the colours, the patterns, designs, curves, lines, textures, waves, tone, everything. And the most important subject I would never fail to sense; the feeling.


The feeling, the spirit of the work is of great importance. It basically names your work, like an invisible title. It suggests your style and mood at the time you made your work possible. I envy those of whom portray significant styles, those who are able to make the audience recognise their specific personality through their work. I aspire to become one of them. One of those who can make a change, something different, to mark their names on every single body’s memory. 


To be remembered.




-To be continued-

♡ Thankyou for reading ♡




[Pictures above belongs to me. Yes I drew them, hehe.]