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Why is it so hard even to cry?


Life x Attitude x Me


×  Life  ×

Each day passes with little subjects. Nothing, almost nothing going on at all. Looking forward to school, imaginations wash over me; Having fun in school, making cool friends, creating amazing art, visiting breathtaking museums.

×  Attitude  ×

Heading over this weekend to our neighbouring country, Malaysia, for a visit to my cousin’s. I want to see her and only her because to be very honest about it, I don’t really feel like socialising with anybody else. Friends, that is. Sometimes even my relatives. I feel that it is such a bother. It’s not anybody’s fault and I should be entirely blamed for feeling this way, but I just can’t talk positively to everyone for now. Or maybe for as long as god-knows-when.

×  Me  ×

I’m at sort of a ‘looking forward to school’ combined with ‘I give up in life’ kind of mindset.

Confused by my own thoughts I have no idea where to start. Or should I say how to start; cleaning up my body and mind. I figured I should start with my body. Let’s eat healthy, exercise, sleep and wake up early. I suppose I’m almost there, considering I sleep early 3am in the morning.

 +  Health tips  +

Alright. Serious talk. I tried using a small bowl to eat, so that I’ll take in lesser food. I too try to take in as little rice as possible. You still have to eat, but never miss out all different kinds of food. Never try to lose weight in fast and harmful methods such as:

1. Eating vegetable soup ALL DAY. (Once a week is fine for detox, though)

2. Avoiding food with high carbohydrates and calories such as rice, potato, etc.

3. Eat very little a.k.a starving yourself.

If you do any of the above, it will only slim you down short term. Afterwards when you start to regain your usual diet, POOF, your body will absorb all of the nutrients and store fats much more efficiently due to the fact that it was not able to gain enough from a period before. So your results will most likely to end up backfired.

Hope that helps.

And I always remember to massage my neck area to maintain my neck. I realised that it is really important to be keen in keeping up with the condition of our necks as much as we do of our face. If your neck appears sagged and old, it makes you look older (obviously). But it is what most people tend to overlook.

So I was watching this programme showing a woman in her 50’s with skin (tested) of a 25 year-old and neck appearing like a teen’s. She shared her method of maintaining her neck. And I’m going to share it to you right now yay

Read below ☟

 Health tips-neck


Alright, guys, this is a very simple and rushed sketch so… Please don’t blame me, I hope you understand it. Feel free to save/share it as long as you have my credits there!

See, if may seem like a token of an easy job, but it helps! I do it every time after I wash my face. Be sure to do it a couple of sets, maybe a two or three. Repeat the step alone at least 5 times before moving on to the next.

I forgot some of her tips on the face, however, I do recall a few. Like using a warm towel to open up your pores before applying moisturiser, and use toner as your last step, not right after washing your face. She also mentioned about using Silkworm Cocoon Facial Cleanser balls, whereby it is 100% natural and organic. Refer to picture below☟



The picture above does not belong to me, I merely took in down from google as reference.

The lady said this is pretty useful in getting down and into the pores of your skin, and it is able to remove blackheads and clear congested pores as it is very fine. I have never used it before, though.


Oh my since when my blog became a website for facial tips, I was supposed to make this novel-like! Oh, whatever, I’ll do what I like.




♡Thank you for reading♡


Doom Dada; Long time no see, Long time no see.

Long time no see.

Has been a few centuries since I updated LOL.


One week plus after the interview, I received an email; ‘Thank you for attending the interview. We are pleased to inform you that your application as Part Time Bird Keeper was accepted.’

Hoorah! A part-time job that I have always wished for. As happy as I can be, I arrived on my first day of work on the 3rd of March, never expecting myself to do something I did not expect I was expected to do.

I was stationed to BRC. Also known as the Breeding and Research Centre. Almost all of the baby birds and eggs are sent here. We have mostly parrots consisting of Cockatoos, Lorries and Macaws. Being one of the busiest sections (I heard), we only had two full-timers and one part-timer which is myself, making the job even more hectic. As rushed as we could be in the morning, we have nothing left to do when it reaches 3.30pm. All jobs are done by then.

I may describe the job to be tiring, however, I can not hand-feed the babies. Hence my job scope is not as bad. My colleagues though, have to hand-feed all the babies twice a day, or perhaps thrice at times. Other than this they still have much stuff to do.

Working there is fun. I’m working, however, never really felt that I’m working. And the awesome thing is my dad is able to drive me to and from work hehe. We’d have breakfast together in the morning, and drop me off after sending my brother to school.

-End Of Flashback-

I have work tomorrow, can’t wait to see our baby Sunda Scops Owl ♡

Oh yea, I have yet to talk about Museum Day.

Last Wednesday on the 19th.

“Oh how fast you’re gobbling down your breakfast, my dear.”

I said to my 8 year-old cousin. Ruo En eats so slowly you can barely avoid finishing your food before her. Well, the porridge was hot, so I can’t blame her for it. She tried to catch up, haha.

9:15 a.m

“We’re heading to Outram Park first, before we change twice to reach Bras Basah. What shall we do now?”

“I need to delete some photos in my phone.”, replied En, fishing out her old LG cell I gave her last year.

She started to show me the pictures she took with her phone, explaining why, how, when and where she took them.

Cute, isn’t she?

By the time we reached our destination, it was already half-past 10. We walked to our first stop, the Singapore Arts Museum. Fortunately it was right smacked in front of the exit!

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Unedited; my face.. OTL

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

(Sorry guys, to-day’s already April’s Fool, haven’t been able to update on time T.T)

We then proceeded to the different galleries at SAM.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The first picture at the top is a strip of paper with the words ‘The man who saw the picture‘ written by my cousin. The gallery itself consists of art pieces titled: Untitled. It is an interactive gallery whereby the visitors are given the chance to leave their idea and thoughts about the art piece behind to share with others reading it at the back- through the title.

As for myself my favourite artwork was the third one shown above, gave it the title of ‘Red China’  even though the other titles were more towards the idea of a maze. I love the colours and how the artwork gave off the tessellation concept.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

^ The one my cousin titled for;;

Alright then, so, afterwards we ventured towards Clarke Quay to visit the Arts House before heading to the Asian Civilisation Museum. The Arts House did not have much since it was preparing for its anniversary, so we dined in Earshot Cafe and went treasure-seeking in the The Shop. The Shop stuff are quite expensive so.. Sorry I’m broke :/

Maybe there’d  be a Museum Trip Part 2. So busy lately I did not time of anything, really. Sad 😦 Hope I could update my blog regularly as well. And, I need clothes.

Can I just get sponsored without being famous

I doubt so 


Curse you society HAHA

♡Thank you for reading♡




/Peeks at clock/

It’s still 8am.. just 5 more minutes..

8:35 a.m

Okay fine.

Pondering over what should I wear took almost a million years. Almost.

Decided on a simple t-shirt and shorts since mate told me to wear something comfortable, I thought that was the best option, haha.

9:28 a.m.

Oh my gosh, I’m going to be late! 

Walked leisurely towards the bus-stop until a bus came (that was fast?!) and I hurried after it, successfully getting on the bus. Then, I realised, it was only half past nine. Reached Jurong Point at 9:40, and there was still 20 minutes to go. Damn. Mate arrived at 10am, just on time and we soon boarded the train towards Clementi. We found our way to the bistro, eventually. It looked so cute!

We reached. W39 Bistro.



We sat outside, because I thought it’d be cool. But we moved in after ordering anyway, haha.




Those cakes look oh-so delicioso like just give it to me☟


My pictures are blur, forgive me.

Sandra ordered salmon, I got chicken, and seared tuna for the appetiser. First thing which came was our drinks, obviously. Honey Lemon and Ice Lemon tea. Our soup of the day was potato and leek. I really enjoyed the soup. Afterwards there came our appetiser, and finally the main course.







I think the food was quite good, but slightly overpriced. For me. Because I’m poor like this. But it’s alright, to pamper yourself once in a long time hehe.

Now, finally, to Lasalle’s Open House 2014! (Ok, not yet)

On the way there we saw a… I don’t really know what that is. It’s a religious activity going on along Bencoolen Street, if I’m not wrong. I cannot believe how they are able to withstand the pain, the heat and lastly persevering through the entire walk. Just look at all of those needles pierced all over their bodies! Respect.






Alright, back to Lasalle.



The cafe holding a performance.


And guess who we saw; Edwin Goh HAHA. Turns out he’s one of the students there.



Exciting fighting scenes by the students of Lasalle! (Including Edwin himself, haha)

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.28.46 pm


Finally this. A performance both Sandra and I enjoyed. A fun and engaging dance, brought to the audience by this guy from Japan!

Experience at Lasalle was inspiring and life changing. Could not hope for more than to just to study there, to feel how it is to live life in art. Please Lasalle, if you ever see this, accept me in! Hope my interview on the 7th would go on smoothly. Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading♡


[P.S. If any of you guys study in Lasalle, do you mind sharing your experience studying there? You can comment below! Thank you so much! And sorry mate for the super uber late update. Forgive me? hehe♡]

Good Afternoon.

“Good afternoon, may I speak to XXX? Yes, this is calling from Sure Solution…”

Stuck in my brain are these words right above. When I sleep, when I talk or just doing nothing in particular. Today is my off-day. To-morrow is not.

But let’s talk about to-day.

This morning dad woke my brother and I up at 6am. We washed up at super speed and sped off to NSC after dropping my brother off at school. All the way there I couldn’t stop laughing to hear my mum and dad bicker like there’s no to-morrow, haha. I was sleepy, but my vision remain locked to the view outside. I love how the morning fog covers the mini landscape off the highways, how the cold air is breezy, and how my hoodie hides my messy hair.




To-day’s appointment was surprisingly quick, faster than any other time we went before! Dad was called into the room in within a minute after he got his queue number, and in less than an hour we were down at the pharmacy to collect the prescribed drugs/ointments. Mum and I went shopping (not really, when you’re at a pharmacy) and bought these:


Mum got a handy nail file while I bought some honey lemon drops for my throat (I really love the taste! Wanted to try the original too but I decided on this instead after checking out its expiry dates lol)

Afterwards we head to River Valley only to realise Olympus’s customer care centre opens at 11am. When we were already there at half past nine…Great. Alright then never-mind, we then proceeded towards Samsung service centre at Commonwealth to fix our ancient Samsung Camera. Though it’s old, I swear it was the best camera anyone could have years ago. It’s compact and light, yet able to capture amazing pictures.

Later we went back to River Valley and sent in my brother’s camera for servicing for 5 working days (omg why, I loved that camera) But it is okay, because the customer care centre is super nice! Here let me show you:




 And look at this adorable doll house they have displayed there! So cute like aww. Love things like these hehe.

Then we went down to Fairprice Finest to get some other stuff. It’s almost like cold storage, but short of the bakery, sushi and cooked food area. Which is my ultimate favourite ♡



 Notice some leafy greens? Those are herbs for our little garden in our little balcony ♡

And, also, cereals for Kenn and mini caramel waffles for myself! Mum said I could get it because I thought it was 2.50 but turns out I got it wrong, it was 5. That’s not very cheap for just a few pieces of waffles to be honest, but, oh well haha.

Now, we’re home! Mum’s cooking up some dinner which is, I can say for sure, will be super good. Can’t wait hehe. But sigh, work commences once again to-morrow. I’ll update again if anything interesting happens (I doubt so) haha.

♡ Thank for reading ♡


Another Day At Home


My eyes fluttered open, lungs gasping for air. It is not comfortable having a heavy cold driving you mad-awake early in the morning. Gave my superior a call, informing I would not be able to make it to work to-day. Popped in a couple of meds and flung my body back on bed. To-day was more or less like this. Good thing mum cooked up some delicious porridge, really.

It’s 10:04pm now. 

Just done bathing and for once in a very long time I was allowed to wear my exceedingly cozy pullover I bought over at KL. You would not believe how comfortable my top is, I swear.



P.S. I’m wearing pants LOL


This post was delayed for half an hour thanks to my dad who would not stop laughing at those videos of where people scare one another. And the point is, he wants my mum and I to watch it too. Thanks dad, thanks. Haha.

Anyway, mum was blowing my hair for me as well so, it took more than 30 mins overall. Well, who cares, I love it when my mum does that! It makes me feel warm and her fingers running through my hair gives the feeling of secureness from her. So, whatever! My messy mane is dry and comfy now, hehe.

I have a day off from work to-morrow, so I’m accompanying mum and dad to the NSC (National Skin Centre)! Well, the reason why we’re heading there is because my dad caught up this skin disease called psoriasis when he was my age. You could say it is a much more severe type of eczema, where the skin is overly sensitive and vulnerable compared to the latter. The doctors say it has not been discovered of the roots of its causes, neither has its cure. The only thing we could do is to reduce its growth and outspread throughout the body. Psoriasis is, however, not genetically inheritable. So it’s quite ironic in a way that it is a relief my brother and I didn’t inherit the disease. Hope it will go away soon though. The pain and frustration is unbearable. Not everyone is able to live like this for so many years; for the rest of his life.

Get well soon, dad ♡


Alright, *snap snap* back to now.

My best friend and I are chatting away on Whatsapp, about how we should use proper english in our conversations. Didn’t last for long though, haha! But that’s not the point. She sent me a picture of this beautiful young lady with the most perfect features, hair and aura. My friend here is somewhat obsessed with her right now, lol. So here she is:



Is she not perfect?! 

She is up close, but not so overall. Sandra found an overall picture of her and she does not look as good 😦 This proves the point that no one is perfect haha. So let us all not be too degraded by ourselves even if we do not look as great as others. Who knows, maybe their personality is not as good as ours! Haha! 


Okay, my tummy’s calling. Will have to munch on some food. See you, will update again!


♡ Thank you for reading ♡



In The Making








A little something I made a few months back. Enjoy and do not fret to leave a few tips or advices, thank you! ♡






Messed I am.

Messed up but I don’t care.



My daily routine might only be opening my eyes in the morning, telling myself I would allow only 5 more minutes in bed. Before I shower, head out, and plug in my ear-phones to shut off the silence bouncing off the walls of the train. Before I step into the place where I would call my workplace. 


I am Yeap Yi. An 18 year-old girl-next-door currently waiting for my O’level results to determine which course I would enter, or should I say I could. Stuck within a 3-month contract job in the cause of my recklessness, life hasn’t been well. Fatigue overcomes as I leave 10am in the morn for an hour’s trip to Raffles Place and back home just 60 minutes before the clock strikes twelve. 


But it is nothing. Why, you ask? Because I have art.



I can return home restless, however, doodling keeps my mind alive. The moment I gave the tip of my writing implement a press, the point where ink flows gives my brain a nudge of an idea. And that’s where everything starts. I do not think before I draw, I usually start drawing before I think. Funny, huh? I know, but, it’s just me.


That’s how I begin my little adventure within the chambers of my brain, literally I could feel it. I feel myself thinking, walking along the paths of ideas that made up the labyrinth in my head. I see the drawings, the colours, the patterns, designs, curves, lines, textures, waves, tone, everything. And the most important subject I would never fail to sense; the feeling.


The feeling, the spirit of the work is of great importance. It basically names your work, like an invisible title. It suggests your style and mood at the time you made your work possible. I envy those of whom portray significant styles, those who are able to make the audience recognise their specific personality through their work. I aspire to become one of them. One of those who can make a change, something different, to mark their names on every single body’s memory. 


To be remembered.




-To be continued-

♡ Thankyou for reading ♡




[Pictures above belongs to me. Yes I drew them, hehe.]